Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Franklin Experience

     So, I believe, and I'm pretty sure cause I've given a week to settle in, that I've experienced the best Barbecue in not just Texas, but the whole country:  FRANKLIN BARBECUE!!! It is freaking fabulous. I went there with my wife on a Wednesday and knew that was the best chance, during the middle of the week to hopefully not wait in line forever. I work with some fans of the place and read the article about Chef Aaron Franklin in Texas Monthly. I knew that rumors and mystic of this, now, Austin, Texas institution. The lines can last for  hours and the joint opens at eleven and closes when the run out of meat, usually around two. Yes, I was very excited for this chance and honestly, didn't care how long I had to wait or how much it cost. When the foodie world is buzzing about a place that is said to have the best barbecue in Texas, you have to check it out.
    My wife and I got there at 9:30am and were about, oh I'd say tenth in line. We brought some reading material, but most of the time enjoyed each others company, the love of my life, and the company and companionship of the other patrons in line. The smell was intoxicating, let me tell you. Once the doors opened it took about twenty minutes to get to the counter where the owner, Mr. Franklin, is talking to everyone that orders and is cutting the meat right in front of you. There is something great and appreciative about a chef or a "bbq-ologist" that is communicating with his customers and gives you a great feeling of class and the laid back, homey attitude that thrives throughout Austin. Oh yeah, Austin is without a doubt the best city to live in Texas: great music, films, food and environment.
     I ordered the brisket, fatty of course, sausage and turkey, while my wife got the pulled pork sandwich. Unbelievable I tell you. The brisket was juicy and melted in your mouth, trust me, you didn't need to hardly chew it; the sausage had great snap, don't laugh, and a great peppery flavor; and the best of all was the turkey, awesome!!! So tender, so juicy, so unctuous. Best turkey I've ever had. And my wife's pulled pork was I gigantic sandwich of nothing but wonderful goodness. I'm telling you, anyone that may read this, go to Franklin Barbecue. Yes the line can wrap around the wood and turquoise building and you may get told in line that you are too far back and may not get served, but you have to go. The ambiance is great, the menu on the wall is written on butcher paper and the beer is cold. Go people and you'll not regret it. And sorry Lockhart. Your barbecue is great, my favorite being Black's, but you don't have anything on Franklin's. The man is a genius.

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