Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New TRANSCENDENCE Trailer and Poster

     After watching the first trailer for Transcendence, I was intrigued and excited. I just watched the new trailer, or second trailer, for Wally Pfister's directorial debut and while I still have a high level interest, there is a little hesitation with my initial excitement. Sometimes these A.I., new technology films can be rather disappointing upon delivery, even though the ideas are bold and intriguing. I like Johnny Depp working in something that is not Disney related and the cast Pfister has brought together is fantastic. My trepidation is not so much fearful, but that this one might disappoint. Espceially with Pfister, known for his camera work on most of Christopher Nolan's films, being his first film and dealing with such a bold and expansive. We shall see. I am hoping it lives up to the hype. It definitely looks trippy enough. The film will be released on April 17th. Enjoy.

Poster and trailer credit by ropeofsilicon.com.

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