Wednesday, November 21, 2012


     More Hitchcock. You can't go wrong. I'll bring to everyone two trailers from probably my two favorite Hitchcock films, Strangers on a Train (1951) and without a doubt my favorite Hitchcock film Rear Window (1954). The chance encounter of two individuals on a train leads to a mischievous account of playfulness, that leads to severe consequences in Strangers on a Train. A tennis star and a wealthy socialite meet and the socialite wants to plan and act out the perfect murder but the catch is he wants a murder for a murder after both men want to exit from their lives people that threaten their future. A maniacal thriller with fabulous performances and outstanding visuals. The best Hitchcock film is Rear Window. The film is the quintessential Hitchcock film that contains all his famous visual splendor and themes: guilt, fleeting romance, suspense, murder and that beautiful blonde. The film revolves around an injured photography, confined to his apartment, with no entertainment but being a peeping tom upon his neighbors. James Stewart, outstanding in this picture, witnesses strange occurrences in one of the apartments and with the assistance of his beautiful, and without a doubt the most beautiful actress on film ever Grace Kelly, go about solving this possible murder. The most amazing thing is that the movie takes place completely from Stewart's apartment and his view point. Technical and visual splendor!

Strangers on a Train

Rear Window

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