Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Classic Trailers: SAFETY LAST!

     Wednesday film trailers continues on and from now on I will only focus, and present trailers of classic, important films. A classic film may be something personal that I feel fond or passionate about it. It may be a film that has importance based on social and/or political reasons or feelings. Classics are not necessarily films from a certain era and could be something form within the last decade. The film has to have a prominent place in the advancement of cinema and film history. These trailers should entice people's interest in film culture and the emphasized films and there directors, writers, cinematographers, musicians, producers and actors.
      The best way to start is to present a trailer from a filmmaker that was collaborative, innovative and  put forth the template for the romantic comedy. The film is Safety Last! (1923), and stars silent, comedic star Harold Lloyd. Directed by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, the film is the most well-known of Lloyd's films and one of the more daring. Starring Lloyd as his "glasses character," it contains amazing effects, no bullshit here, and the story of a man from the middle of nowhere who moves to the big city and tries to make it big so he can move his girlfriend to the city and they can get married. What we see is an hilarious, thrilling and beautifully romantic film about doing whatever it takes to make it for the one you love. This was my first viewing of a Lloyd film, who made over hundreds of films, and what a treasure it was. The boutique cinema outfit the Criterion Collection has presented the film in a glorious, pristine Blu-Ray and I am so happy I got to see this film. Check it out if you get the opportunity and buy the Criterion Collection's Blu-Ray if you can. Enjoy!!!

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