Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Film Trailers: OLDBOY (2013)

     Wednesday film trailers is back with Spike Lee's new remake of Chan-wook Park's cult favorite Oldboy. The film stars Josh Brolin as the kidnapped father who, once is released, must uncover the reasons why he was held against his will, while still being trapped in a series of unsettling circumstances and deceit. The trailer looks faithful to the original, which is pretty much a classic in mood, style and intensity in my mind, but can Spike Lee pull it off by putting his own stamp on the material. Some of the visuals look so similar but Brolin looks to be on point with his performance while Samuel L. Jackson might bring to much cheesiness to the film. Hopefully not. This film will divide the die hard fans of Park's 2003 classic since some wonder why is it being remade at all but I am willing to give it a shot. The material and look of the trailer is showing that Lee and the writers have not shied away from a hard R-rating which is good news. Enjoy.

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