Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Film Trailers: LIFE ITSELF

     When I really became obsessed with cinema a little over ten years, part of that love of film came from  watching Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel discuss, debate and breakdown film on their critics show on TV. I loved watching them go at it over films they agreed upon and did not. Ebert is that critic that is the most accessible for all film lovers and the casual observer. He could write so intelligently, but without a hint of being pretentious or didactic. I owe so much of my cinema education to his reviews and books, and he really enhance my appreciation of cinema as a true art form. I am really excited to see the new documentary on Ebert's life from Steve James, Life Itself, which also received raves at this years Sundance Film Festival. This is an instant for any film lover and does not look to be just a puff appreciation piece. Ebert was the most famous mainstream film critic in the world and one of the best. Enjoy!

Photo credit by IMDB and trailer by YouTube.

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