Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Films Pushed to 2014

     In a month old post on 9.30.2013 titled Films Pushed to 2014, I wrote that Bennett Miller's highly anticipated new film Foxcatcher was moved to 2014 by Sony Pictures Classics. I also stated The Weinstein Company had moved the Nicole Kidman film Grace of Monaco into next year as well. Rumblings on the Internet suggest director Olivier Dahan and producer Harvey Weinstein are in disagreement over the cut of the film. Harvey does like to edit films down and likes final cut, unless it is Tarantino. Anyways, I mentioned that Martin Scorsese's new film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was in limbo of being released this year. In the end though, Scorsese will have his film edited, to his hopeful liking, and will be released on Christmas day. Phew... Good news. I am glad I do not have to wait until next year for Scorsese's film, but I want to see his exact vision and quality cut. Hopefully the legend is not being forced into a final cut. He is Scorsese for Christ sake.
    The disappointing news is that George Clooney's The Monuments Men will not be ready for a release in 2013 and has been moved to a new release date of February 7, 2014. The film was number 10 on my most anticipated films of the fall, but I will have to wait a little bit longer. Clooney is still working on a final cut and wants the special effects to be accurate and correct. If more time makes the film come out better than that is a good thing. It does free up some Oscar season space for Sony Pictures since they have two other heavy-hitters in Captain Phillips, my review here, and David O. Russell's American Hustle. I like that Clooney has stated that he is not interested in the Oscars and wants to release a quality picture and not force something out just for a chance at some awards. I like that, if it is true.
     Now, since Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street has been moved to Christmas day, Paramount Pictures has hence moved Kenneth Branagh's Jack Ryan reboot Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, starring Chris Pine, from its original Christmas day release to January 17, 2014. Obviously Paramount is more concerned, and rightfully so, with Scorsese's movie than the Ryan film. Do we really need another Jack Ryan movie anyway? And Pine is not that interesting of an actor. At least not yet.
     A lot of movement, but if we get quality films after these filmmakers get more time to complete them, I am ok with that. It is a tremendous amount of movement this late in the year and with this Oscar season being highly competitive, these studios might be forcing or just clearing space. I, even though I find it fun to follow the awards season, would rather see an interesting film, then one that is just released to get some awards.

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