Monday, September 30, 2013

Films Pushed to 2014

     I have not had a chance to see the recently released Rush from Ron Howard, as I had previous plans this weekend with friends and next week will be engrossed in the Austin City Limits Music Film Festival, so posts and reviews will be light until after the first weekend of October. However, I did want to pass along some disappointing news in that Bennett Miller's third feature film Foxcatcher, starring an almost unrecognizable Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo, has been pushed back until in 2014. The films centers on John DuPont (Carrell), heir to the DuPont chemical company, and his relationship with Olympic wrestlers Mark (Tatum) and Dave (Ruffalo) Schultz, which led to murder. Sony Pictures Classics, the studio distributing the film, released an eerily effective trailer late last week, but pulled it before the release was announced to move the film to next year. This was close to being in my Top Ten for 2013, but after seeing that trailer, I am very excited to see how this film turns out. If Miller is not ready and they are still editing, then let the director get the film where he wants it. Let's just hope he is not too obsessive and over-edits like Terrence Malick does. I can wait if it is going to make the film better, but I am sure Carrell, who appeared to be in the race for some acting awards, will have to wait until next year.
     The only other film that has definitely moved to 2014 is Olivier Dahan's Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly and Tim Roth as Prince Ranier III. The film shines a light on Kelly's marriage to the Prince of Monaco, her retirement from acting and the historical events that occurred during the 1960s.
     The other film that could be moved to 2014, but I really hope is not, is Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey. The story about the rise and fall of Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort was number four on my top ten films of the fall list. Supposedly, Scorsese has the film clocking in at around 180 minutes and Paramount wants the film to not be a three-hour sit for movie goers. Bullshit. I can easily watch a three hour Scorsese movie and if he has the film at that length, then he has earned the right to deliver that film. It is Scorsese for God's sake. I know the studio wants the length down so they can have more daily screenings and they understand peoples attention spans are shorter these days, but let Scorsese deliver the film he has in his head. Leave him alone and I really hope this film does not get pushed back to 2014. Dying to see it. After the ACL fest, it is on to see Gravity!!!

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