Monday, September 23, 2013

Film Trailers: UNDER THE SKIN

     The new film from the very talentented Jonathan Glazer has arrived and it appears to be a challenging and interesting piece of cinema. Under the Skin follows an alien in human form, played by Scarlett Johansson, as she travels through Scotland seducing and preying on other humans. The film has been playing the fall festival circuit and has been highly divisive, some even stating that it is unlike anything they have ever seen before. Some reviewers seem to think it is an amazing piece of cinema while others admit to it being expertly done, but lacking in certain areas or just plain too experimental. Glazer has not released a film since 2004's underrated Birth and he also directed the slick, nasty gem of a gangster film Sexy Beast with standout performances from Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone. Any which way about it, Under the Skin appears to be something to keep on the radar as a must see when it opens in theatres next year. That music is eerie as hell. Here is the trailer. Enjoy.

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