Monday, September 9, 2013

Film Trailers: THE DOUBLE

     The new film from director Richard Ayoade, more known for his comedic work, is called The Double and stars Jesse Eisenberg as Simon, a shy, socially inept man who gets overlooked at his job and cannot get the attention of the woman he is attracted to. Then arrives James, a carbon copy of Simon, but with the ability to be the life of the party, get the girl and torment Simon framework from this point forward. The concept is loosely based on a Fyodor Dostoyevsky book of the same name and the film is premiering at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival. Ayoade's previous film Submarine was his directorial debut and I have still yet to see it, although I need to fix that. So, with this trailer, it appears we are getting both sides of Jesse Eisenberg, the thinking, shy, introvert like in Roger Dodger and The Squid and the Whale, and the cocky, asshole in The Social Network. And, is this film a straight up drama, or something of a black comedy coming from the English comedian-director. The premise sounds intriguing and the cast includes Mia Wasikowska, Noah Taylor and Wallace Shawn. Enjoy and I really love the song in this trailer.

Credits by and trailer by YouTube.

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