Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Film Trailers: DOM HEMINGWAY

     Another film that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival that has peaked my interest is Richard Shepard's Dom Hemingway. A British crime and dark comedy film that evidently has an absolute brazen, vulgar performance from Jude Law. The film starts out with Dom reciting a poem that is nothing more then the glorification of his penis and how good he is at sex. Funny, dark and it is good to see Law playing something completely opposite of what we are used to seeing him in. He has played sleazy and cocky before, but usually in supporting roles. This one seems to be something of a breakout for the already talented actor. The film comes from writer-director Richard Shepard who also made the equally dark and hilarious The Matador with Pierce Brosnan. British, accents, drinking and getting back what is yours. That is Dom Hemingway. Another great thing about this film is that it not only is British, which I am somewhat bias to due to the dry, unstoppable humor, but that Richard E. Grant is in the film. If you have not seen him in the classic drinkers film Withnail and I change that as soon as possible. Dom Hemingway also stars Emilia Clarke and Demian Bichir. The film will be released in 2014. Enjoy.

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