Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Great Thriller from the 70s

      It's October and the weather is getting cooler, well slowly here in central Texas, and its the perfect time with Halloween not too far away to get into horror and thriller films. Well, its a good time no matter what for a good psychological or crime thriller, murder mystery, gothic and classic horror and just anything a little off of center. But to start off a little theme I will begin doing every Wednesday of this month, I will recommend some different choices, as well as some of my favorite scary and thriller films. The first film I bring up is the classic psychological thriller from the magnificent Nicolas Roeg Don't Look Now. Director of such greats as the cult classic The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) with David Bowie, the superb and unsettling Australian outback film Walkabout (1971), and the Mick Jagger led Performance (1970). Don't Look Now (1973) is an insanely impressive thriller starring the wonderful actors Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie that have lost there young daughter and are going through difficult stages of remorse and grief. The meeting with two sisters that tell of an impending fear from the beyond and is also a deep study of a relationship that has been tested to the brink. The film contains elements of the supernatural, horror and a creepy red-hooded figure that might be their child haunting them through the streets and canals of Venice. The film contains one of the greatest endings in film history, as well as a provocative sex scene and gorgeous editing and cinematography. One of the best thrillers ever made!

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