Wednesday, October 17, 2012


    For trailer Wednesday I'll bring you two great horror films from outside the US. Japanese horror is wild with movies like Audition and the x marked thriller Cure. Italian horror is highly pictorial and grotesque with features from the horror legends Dario Argento:  Suspiria and Lucio Fulci:  Zombie. But two of my favorite foreign horror films are the recently restored Hausu (House) by Nobuhiko Obayashi from Japan and Georges Franju's legendary transplant of a horror film Eyes Without A Face. Both of these films are wildly imaginative and ghastly uncomfortable. Hausu (1977) is one of the most indescribable films I've ever seen. It's part fantasy, part horror, part teenage friendship and part straight up wild-as-shit movie that is definitely a must see for anyone who wants to see something completely whacked out and crazy. The French film Eyes Without A Face (1960) is a magnificent and menacing piece of art that chills at every turn. Its the mad doctor/scientist obsessed with transforming his patient, his daughter, and the results are chilling. The film contains one of my favorite opening scenes with an absolutely outstanding musical score. Break free from typical horror cinema and try these treasures from outside America.

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