Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Classic Trailers: HORROR OF DRACULA

     Wednesday's Classic Film Trailers continues with that other great British horror film from Hammer Studios Horror of Dracula (1958). Starring the same two actors that were in The Curse of Frankenstein, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, this film is probably my favorite of these classic British films. Although, upon second and third viewings of both films, I find myself being very fond of the The Curse of Frankenstein, liking it just as much as Horror of Dracula. The film is based on Bram Stoker's legendary novel "Dracula," but follows it very loosely. Directed by Terence Fisher, who also directed The Curse of Frankenstein, the film has the same great proper manners and sophistication, same great bright red blood and offers the amazing, somewhat corny, but satisfying Dracula film I love. Christopher Lee is Count Dracula and is as good as he has ever been. Peter Cushing plays Dr. Van Helsing and it is a good change from his maniacal Dr. Frankenstein portrayal. This is a classic and worth checking out as soon as possible. It is that time of year, so go out and seek some classic horror films. You will not regret it. Enjoy.

Photo credit by IMDB and trailer by YouTube.

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