Thursday, December 13, 2012


     I love film. I love watching films. I love reading about film and film history. I love following the awards season and seeing which movies people are watching and why. I love getting excited about a favorite director and his or her upcoming projects and learning about what films some of my favorite directors, actors, historians and critics enjoy watching. It is a passion, a hobby, a commitment. It is what I truly love doing. I like expanding my visual literacy. I love films from every period and decade. Everything from the magnificent Swedish film The Phantom Carriage and the brilliant films of Charles Chaplin to the mind expanding and exciting films of Martin Scorsese and Pedro Almodovar. I started this blog in September of this year and I love everything about it. If its writing an essay on film culture, expressing my opinions through a review, or presenting trailers of interesting upcoming releases and classic motion pictures, I love it. I want people to expand their horizons when watching films and reach out for stuff that is more than just the traditional Joe Popcorn picture. Go to movies. Talk about movies. Educate yourself on movies. Its a great medium, maybe the greatest. It's a passion, a love, a career, a drive, and that's all I can ask for.

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