Wednesday, December 12, 2012


PULP FICTION. Enough said. This movie was just an amazing experience the first time I saw it. It opened my eyes to Tarantino's great storytelling textures, his non-linear narrative and editing and, since I was just graduating from high school in a small town, a wide array of just flat out cool music. And speaking of cool. This film is simply that, cool! I've seen this film multiple times and never once has been boring or out-of-date to me. Funny, violent and violent in a way that is not what Tarantino is now. Yea, Marvin got shot in the face, picking up pieces of skull and brain and Uma got an adrenaline shot to the heart, but it was done with some reserve. Now its just blood, guts, pulling eyeballs, etc. And yeah, that's entertaining in that Tarantino since, but this movie was did it right. It was paced exceptionally well, had smooth, not too talky dialogue (and that dialogue was fantastic), acted brilliantly with a wonderful comeback for John Travolta, being picked for this role supposedly because of Tarantino's admiration for Brian DePalma's great paranoia thriller Blow Out (great fucking movie). This movie is badass, cool and an essential American film. Here is the trailer.

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