Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Film Trailers: ROOM 237

Wednesday film trailers is going with a new release, the upcoming subjective documentary Room 237. Now, I'm an avid, appreciative fan of director Stanley Kubrick. I mean, he was so visionary and detailed. I have seen all of his films more than once and he is one of the most respected directors of all time, as well as one of my favorites. If you have not seen his early film noir The Killing watch it soon. The Shining is a masterpiece of horror cinema and an unflinching psychological thriller. It is one of the truly scariest films ever made because of the artistic "gotcha" scares and dementia and fear the family goes through. Also, the isolation aspect is wicked and gives that terrible feeling of being without hope and help. The new documentary Room 237, directed by Rodney Ascher, dives into different conspirarcy theories and inner meanings within the film. The film could end up being a failed attempt at divulging these theories and inner meanings but it will also be, hopefully, a unique analysis on one of the finest films of artistic, horror cinema. No judgment until seen, but from what I have read, the film premiered at last years Cannes Film Festival, it appears to be interesting and a good conversation starter. I love docs about film and film history. Sucker for them. Here is the trailer, full of blood and menace. Enjoy.

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