Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Movie Trailers: FANNY & ALEXANDER

In my final film trailer looking at the expansive career of legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, I present his swan song masterpiece Fanny & Alexander. It is a culmination of all things Bergman: death, insecurity, family and meaning in this world. The film revolves around the Ekdahl family at the turn of the century, focusing significantly on ten year-old Alexander and his emotions, growing pains and doubts. The film was originally made for Swedish Television, but was edited into a theatrical cut and garnered four Academy Award wins in 1984, including Best Cinematography, Costume Design, Art Decoration-Set Decoration and Foreign Language Film. It was nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. A masterpiece beyond words and a joy to cinema. And the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray contains both the theatrical and Television versions, as well as a making of documentary among the supplements, and is immaculate. Here is the trailer.

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