Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Movie Trailers: THE MAGICIAN

In the second of this months Ingmar Bergman film trailers, I'm bringing up his classic 1958 film The Magician. The gothic story is about Dr. Vogler (Max Von Sydow) and his travelling acting troupe, as they go through Sweden. It is an enigmatic film containing elements and themes ranging from funny, to drama and, as always, existentialism. In watching the supplements on the Criterion Collection's wonderful blu-ray release, noted Bergman historian Peter Cowie explains how Bergman was making a film that was critical of the audience response to his films. The mute Doctor being the director/writer himself and his displeasure and disapproval of the audience and, at times, critical response about his bleak work. It is about an artist shutting himself off from the outside world and dealing with his conscience and insecurities in his own way. It is a fascinating film and please check it out. Enjoy the montage trailer. I could not find an actual theatrical trailer.

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  1. Thanks for synopsis and I think I should watch this movie. Loved 1958 as a good movie year. I hope, will get a good print to watch this weekend.