Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More Casting for BIRDMAN; No Mendes for Bond 24

Just to add to the impressive cast announced for Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu's upcoming comedy Birdman, Edward Norton has been added to the cast. Gets better and better. Anticipation is high. In other more disappointing news, Sam Mendes has declined the offer to direct the next Bond film. After the 1.1 billion worldwide success of Skyfall, it is no surprise the Broccoli's wanted Mendes to direct again but he has theatre projects that will take up the majority of his time. Supposedly, Bond 24 and Bond 25 were to be filmed back-to-back and Mendes was not interested in that idea. Who is going to direct the next Bond film? In my opinion, it has got to be a successful, visionary director. Christopher Nolan comes to mind as the obvious choice but Alfonso Cuaron would also be an interesting choice. Who knows. I just hope it is not a flashy CG driven director like Zach Snyder, he is not terrible visually but too much computer graphics, or a boring studio guy like Francis Lawrence. Hope for Nolan, but I would much rather he do something original, as with Cuaron. Should be intriguing whoever is chosen to direct. Mendes was class and respectful.

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