Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Film Trailers: JOE

     Could it be possible that Nicolas Cage can be in a caliber film again? He might do it with David Gordon Green's Joe. This film looks kind of similar to Jeff Nichols Mud. Ex-con or man-on-the-run, meets a young boy (Tye Sheridan in both) who needs guidance or a father-like figure and takes place in the rugged exteriors of the rural South. The film premiered last year at multiple film festivals and received positive notices. Green, who got his Indie cred back with last years decent Prince Avalanche, is returning to his Southern, dramatic roots. Good to hear and see. Cage is one hell of an actor and personality. He has not been in anything decent since Werner Herzog's Bad Lieuteanant: Port of Call - New Orleans. I loved Cage in Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, and it appears, from the trailer at least, he's still got it. Tye Sheridan is a star in the making. Rugged, crime, fathers and sons. I am anticipating this one and have high hopes. The film will be released on April, 11th. Enjoy the trailer.

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