Thursday, April 3, 2014

NOAH Omissions


     In my review of Darren Aronofosky's Noah, which you can check out here, I embarrassingly forgot to comment on two different aspects of the film. One, I cannot believe I did not mention my appreciation of Clint Mansell's hypnotic score. A regular member of Darren Aronofsky's filmmaking crew, the score is quite exceptional. It is not as impactful as his groundbreaking, memorable work on Requiem for a Dream, but it is an altogether magical piece that fits the film quite perfectly. I almost cannot imagine an Aronofsky film without a Mansell score to accompany it. Two, the look of the animals. They did not look bad, but they definitely had that CGI look that was very obvious. This is where the look of The Lord of the Rings films would have been better than the ILM creations. I wish that they would have looked more realistic, but oh well. I cannot believe I forgot to mention these two aspects. Mansell's score is special.

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