Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Film Trailers: THE HOMESMAN

     Tommy Lee Jones' second directorial effort and it looks like a good one. I thoroughly enjoyed his undervalued neo-western The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and with The Homesman, it appears he has dived back in to his wealth of Western film knowledge and crafted something special. It somewhat reminds of a Coen brothers film with oddball characters and an unusual partnership during a quest or journey. The cast is spectacular, including Jones, who also co-wrote the screenplay, Hilary Swank, Miranda Otto, John Lithgow, Tim Blake Nelson, James Spader, Jesse Plemons, William Fichtner, Hailee Steinfeld and Meryl Streep. Damn!!! The release of the trailer this close to the Cannes Film Festival announcement almost assures its place in the lineup. Oh yeah, that great look it has comes from the wonderful cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (Babel, Brokeback Mountain). The film does not have a release date yet, but should be picked up at Cannes and released later this year. Looking forward to this one. Enjoy the international trailer!

Photo credit by collider and trailer by YouTube.

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