Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Classic Trailers: SIDEWAYS

     Alexander Payne's latest directorial effort Nebraska gets released this weekend, so Classic Film Trailers brings the trailer for one of my favorite Payne films, Sideways. Released in 2004, the film is based off of Rex Pickett's novel, and stars Paul Giamatti as Miles, a down on his luck English teacher, who has recently gone through a divorce. Miles and his friend from college Jack, played by Thomas Haden Church, embark on a week long road trip through the California wine country before Jack's impending wedding. The two men have dealt with disappointment, especially Miles who has still yet to publish a satisfactory novel, but Jack wants one last fling before he settles down, while Miles, a wine connoisseur, wants a week of eating good food, drinking fine wine and spending time with his friend. The film gets to me every time. Funny, honest and sentimental. Payne is the absolute best writer-director at reaching honest emotional depths and presenting the realities of everyday Americans and life. He understands the importance of searching for one's identity and these two men are in the midst of that frightening mid-life crisis. Sideways is just a fine film and I still feel a certain kinship to Miles. Somewhat introverted, but sad, intelligent and in search of who he is and figuring out what he is going to do with his life. Honesty on film from Alexander Payne and equally funny. The film received 5 Academy Award nominations. It won Best Adapted Screenplay for Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, and was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Director - Payne, Best Supporting Actor - Thomas Haden Church and Best Supporting Actress - Virginia Madsen. The magnificent Paul Giamatti should have been nominated! Enjoy the trailer!

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