Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Classic Trailers: APOCALYPSE NOW

     Wednesday's Classic Film Trailers presents something that every time it is on TV, being that it was on Sundance Channel last night, I cannot take eyes my away from watching it. Fascinating, visceral, somber and crazy as hell. Yes, I am writing about Francis Ford Coppola's ultimate masterpiece and, in my humble opinion, his best film, Apocalypse Now (1979). No description, analysis or deep thought at this moment. I just love the film. Some films are so deep, so mesmerizing that you just have to let them soak right in. Apocalypse Now is one of those films. A reserved Martin Sheen. A whacked out Dennis Hopper. A young as hell Laurence Fishburne. A napalm smell loving Robert Duvall. And a lunatic in Marlon Brando (character and personally). Amazing use of The Doors "This Is the End." One of the best opening scenes in film history. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic film. Written by the great John Milius and Coppola. Nominated for eight Academy Awards including, Best Picture, Best Director -- Francis Ford Coppola, Best Supporting Actor -- Robert Duvall, Best Adapted Screenplay -- Milius & Coppola, Best Editing and Best Art/Set Decoration. It won for Best Cinematography -- Vittorio Storaro, brilliant stuff, and Best Sound. A true masterpiece. A true classic. The best film on the Vietnam War ever made. One of my all time favorites and, if I had a top ten films ever made list, it would easily be on that list. Enjoy!!!

Photo credit by IMDB and trailer by YouTube.

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